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Fire Protection and Security

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30 years Quality and Accuracy

FireSafetySystemsSYNCHRON-S is an engineering company, specialized in
implementation of complete solutions in the field of technical systems for Safety and Security of sites.

The activity of the company includes project design, installation, commissioning and maintenance services of Fire Safety Systems and Security Systems.

Basic principle in activity of SYNCHRON-S is offering high quality and reliable technical solutions based on advanced technology, quality equipment and professional implementation.


SecuritySystemsFACTS from 30 years' professional record
of the company

  • More than 3 000 installed fire safety systems
  • More than 1 800 installed security systems
  • More than 300 detections of real fire ignitions and prevention
    of further damages of property and human lives



foam fire protection of high rise buildings helicopter pad   
Fire protection of helicopter
pads for high-rise buildings

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   water mist fire protection in chemical plant   
   Water mist fire protection in
   chemical plant

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   Sprinkler cooling system in chemical plant
   Cooling of tanks filled with
   flammable liquids in chemical plant

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