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Patented fire protection system for electrical and server cabinets FRP-2A (Fire Rack Protection)

The FRP-2A (Fire Rack Protection) system is used for local monitoring as an early warning of fire danger or serious damage of electronic equipment, associated with the release of smoke and/or increase of temperature inside rack structures in data centers, server rooms, electrical cabinets and other similar facilities.

The FRP-2A system prevents the occurrence of fire and ensures almost 100% continuity of the work process, ensuring continuity of service to data center customers.

The FRP-2A system has been developed for early smoke detection and temperature control in any server cabinet. The goal is that when an incident occurs - release of smoke and/or heat, the system will register these events and identify in exactly which cabinet the problem has occurred.

In this way, timely action can be taken and a potential fire in the cabinet can be prevented. The speed of detection is extremely fast - from 8 to 20 seconds, despite strong ventilation and air exchange in the cabinet.

FRP-2A is the world’s first fire protection system for
each individual server cabinet.

Unique characteristics:

  • Continuous monitoring of smoke and heat by analyzing the outgoing air flow in each server cabinet.
  • Accurate location of a possible fire in each individual server cabinet.
  • Warning of fire occurrence in the server cabinet, as well as its spread to adjacent cabinets and cable routes.
  • Preventive temperature control function - programmable threshold for an alarm status for each individual server cabinet.
  • Alarming, control and statistics software for each server cabinet as well as the ability to adapt and upgrade according to user applications operating in a cloud/ virtual environment.
  • Saving up to 20% on cooling power when configuring each server cabinet based on the temperature statistics measured in the cabinet - a real-time temperature map.
  • Activation of light and sound alarm to alert personnel and take action in the event of an incident.
  • Verification and confirmation of Alarm/Failure status by the personnel on-site at the server cabinet.
  • System failure control - supply voltage, suction system, smoke and heat analysis sensors, all cables and connections to the device.

SYNCHRON-S is the developer, manufacturer and installer of the FRP-2A system.


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